24 January 2017

horizons dreaming

My friends at tweetspeak poetry put forth a prompt, a challenge, and I bit

"Form It is a prompt that focuses on exploring our topic through form poetry. 
This time, we’re going to “form” horizons"

I chose the acrostic form, feeling it ran contrary to the horizon
 I was thinking of a cold climate phenomenon called sun dogs 
vertical rainbow lines formed in frozen skies

halfway across the world
outside the realm of normal
rising vertical
inspiring awe, breath caught
zipper up and down the sky
opportunity to change your point of view
never fear the sea change
singing something new is on the way

then I thought I'd dare another
double acrostic
horizons dreaming

hardened against the wind
open nature’s door
rising vertical line
inspired but without camera
zealous to form
opinions of the Creator, I
need to welcome in
secrets beyond sharing

check out more at tweetspeak poetry

31 December 2016

stretch - word for 2017

last morning of 2016
first cup of coffee
not thinking much
brain hazy
yet the word was clear
sharp, unmistakable

I trust as I listen
this word will unfold

for now
let the springing forth
settle in

Enlarge the place of your tent, 
and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out; 
spare not; lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes

30 December 2016


the rains have come
hard, continuous
what this land has long 
needed, nourishing 
and reviving

weary souls 
tilt faces up
to drink
echoing sweet hallelujahs

I will give you rain in due season, 
and the land shall yield her increase 
and the trees of the field yield their fruit.


19 October 2016

out of the cave

Morning quiet time with My Lord 
as I ponder stepping into something new and bold...

Ask of Me and I will show you 
things which you have not yet seen.
It is again and always about My plans
not the schemes of man
If I send you will I not equip you?
If the battle is not yours, 
the work is not yours either, but Mine
and I intend My work to prosper
Your part, as always, little one, is surrender
Surrender to My hand, My shaping, My pruning
even to My choice to promote you

Elijah could not remain in the cave
when that season was over
I called him out
So too with you, My child
so too with you

Call to Me and I will answer you 
and show you great and mighty things, 
fenced in and hidden, which you do not know
(do not distinguish and recognize, 
have knowledge of and understand)


25 September 2016

time slips

As time slips through our fingers
more quickly than sand
it often feels like madness
in attempts to grasp
what we are learning 
is not ours to hold. 

It is not without limit
days, even hours are numbered.

This then, is why we have returned
to the people and the work God has ordained for us
to not waste what is precious and fleeting

I remain willing
to be willing
a tool in His hand


26 August 2016


the time has come
and quickly
to once again
depart from Canada
to swap locations

just after the clock strikes noon
we begin a series of flights
crossing land and sea
just after the clock strikes noon
on Monday
we will disembark
to a life now familiar
on Zambian soil

keep us in your prayers
as you ever remain in ours


30 July 2016


August is upon us
our last weeks here
in what was
and heart deep
ever will be

keeping the rooms of the house
ready for showings
as we pray 
for God to send 
the buyers
of His choosing

nothing really in our hands
open again in surrender
doors to my emotions
swing wide

I am unhinged
in this space
between anchors
like the evening light
whispering "soon"

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